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Once upon a time, there was an avid Harry Potter reader who became absolutely fascinated by two marvelous fanfics, then both Works in Progress: Resonance by Green Gecko and Blood Magic by Gateway Girl. Waiting for updates on both of them was absolute torture, because they presented the reader with a work of wonder the reader had never dreamt of before: Severus Snape coming to love and care for Harry Potter as his very own son. The first story featured an adoption and the second theorized that Harry was Snape's biological son, but the common thread that ran through both was an examination of how two characters usually so antagonistic to one another could come to form a family.

The avid reader used to chat all the time with a good friend of hers named Mercredi, who was also reading both of those stories.

One day, the avid reader said that as much as she enjoyed Resonance and Blood Magic, she thought that Harry's childhood experiences would strongly influence his ability to accept Snape as a father, and that she'd like to read a story that more heavily emphasized a psychological take on the adoption scenario. Mercredi replied, "Why don't you write one?" And thus, A Year Like None Other was born . . .

Thank You

Many thanks to my friend and beta, Mercredi. She wrote sections of Year, inspired me to keep going, and was a never-ending fountain of advice, suggestions, and editing during the two years it took to complete this alternate sixth-year novel.

Thanks also to the many fine and talented artists who have read Year and contributed to this site.

Special thanks to for generously providing this web space.

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